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celebrating life through photography


Welcome to LuHollAm Photos.

Thanks for stopping by my photo blog. I hope you enjoy your time here. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed photography since I was a little girl. My father always had a camera in his hand and stressed the importance of documenting life through photographs. He photographed every family reunion, birthday, holiday, vacation…but most of all, just the little things in life. I’m so thankful for that.

Just a wee little girl on a swing my daddy built for me in 1971.

The name LuHollAm was created by using letters of the names of my 3 children. In addition to being a mother, I am also a grandmother of one awesome little boy. My full-time job is taking care of him, but in my free time I’m outside wandering through nature as often as I can.

I love bird watching and traveling the backroads through different seasons. Nature is one of God’s greatest gifts, and I love getting out and exploring the world around me.

Out and about, exploring with my grandson.

I hope you enjoy viewing my photos as much as I do taking them. ❤ Would you take a moment and let me know you’ve been here by leaving a like and/or comment? I’d love to stop by your blog for a visit.

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